Our Team

Fredrik Martensson             
Title: Manager/Founder


Fredrik has a double Bachelor degree in International Business and Hotel Management from
Schiller International University where he graduated in Dunedin, Florida 1998. 

Fredrik has been an Entrepreneur his whole life and has several ventures behind him.  
Even if he considers himself a true Swede, he has lived abroad the majority of his life.
When the opportunity came up to move back to Florida it was a done deal.  He loves the Florida
weather and to be close to the water.

When he’s not working, you can probably find him on his boat. 


Marie Martensson
Title: Marketing/Founder

Marie has a degree in International Marketing and Sales from one of the leading educational
institutions in Sweden within sales and marketing.

After graduating she started working at 3M Sweden’s Healthcare department, where she stayed
for 5 years before deciding to move to Florida. It’s a big move, quitting your job from one of the
largest companies in the world, to running your own, but she’s enjoying every second of it.

Whenever she has time off, she’s either in or on the water.


Anders Mansson
Title: Broker/Partner

Anders has been in Cape Coral since 1981 working as a Licensed Real Estate Broker with his
family owned company Tudor Villas. With 30 years of experience in Lee county Anders has extensive
knowledge of the market and a sense for trends and movements.

Anders likes to spend his free time relaxing in beautiful environments together with his large family.


Nicklas Silfverstrand
Title: Boat Captain/Mechanic


Title: Office Intern

Bailey is a 4 year old Jack Russell female. Full with energy and love for those around her.
She has taken it upon herself to be head of security here at the office and you have to go
through her first. When Bailey isn't filling the office with her happy-go-lucky spirit, she loves
to go to the beach, run in the water and chase birds.