With offices in Cape Coral, Vacanza Rentals specializes in Southwest Florida Vacation Rentals, Property Management, and Real Estate Services. 

Owning a vacation home should be a fun and rewarding experience. We provide complete Vacation Rental Management Services to meet the needs of both homeowners and tenants in all our locations, so you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your home is in safe hands.

The Vacanza Rentals name is well known in the industry and well trusted by our owners and guests. We have built an inventory of high-quality vacation homes and a reputation for offering first-class hospitality.

We make sure that our vacation homes are fully equipped with everything needed for a comfortable and relaxing vacation. 


“We contacted Vacanza Rentals because I noticed that their properties were listed on commonly searched sites (ie - Tripadvisor, Flipkey, Homeaway). I was planning to spend a year getting the property prepared for rental guests and I also spoke with other property management companies, but Vacanza was the only one that made me feel comfortable turning the house into a vacation rental quickly.

I cannot believe how quickly my house was rented! Within a week of my property becoming available, the first rental was secured.

Vacanza is very good at keeping me in the loop regarding issues with my property. They also do a superb job making sure my property is well maintained. They also made the whole process very easy. It's a huge decision to open a home to others, and Vacanza does a very good job explaining the process and making everything run smoothly.

I would absolutely recommend Vacanza to others! In fact, some of my neighbors are thinking about contacting Vacanza to manage their properties.”

- Natalie


“We chose Vacanza Rentals because of their proven reputation to rent homes during all times of the season, based on a close friend’s recommendation! The relationship has exceeded our expectations. The company has excellent people to work with and show results, results, results!! And I guess the results would be why I would recommend them to a friend.”


- Rick