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A Day of Relaxation at Captiva Island

There is something to be said about the rejuvenating qualities of the beach, and many would agree there are few experiences more peaceful then lying upon the sand with the crashing of waves in your ears and the warm sun shining behind your resting eyes. The only thing that could make this scene more relaxing would be a cocktail or maybe a book held in one hand. If you agree with this statement, make sure to read on about all there is to do and see at Captiva Island! 

What to Do on the Island

While only 1.64 sq miles, this small island truly shows that when choosing a location to visit, size isn’t always what’s important. Despite its small size, there is a wide range of activities and sights to see upon this small strip of land. One of course could spend the day stretched out upon the beach, or even splash amongst its cool waters. However, why be content just merely swim in the bright blue waters, when you can explore upon them in a rented kayak? If one is truly looking for something to tell their friends about back home, make sure you keep your eyes open for the New Moon, which is a 29-foot sailing vessel which you can privately rent for a day on the water! However, maybe you would rather not be the one doing all the sailing and work, and would much rather sit upon the deck, drink in hand, laughing amongst your friends. If that’s the case, make sure to look into the various cruises that one can find in the area and enjoy a day floating amongst the whales and dolphins. When you get back from your day on the waters, make sure you don’t head home too soon and take the chance to enjoy one of several restaurants that can be found dotted amongst the sand.  

Don’t spend all your time on the waters however, as Captiva Island hosts some of the best shelling around! Just imagine the tranquil nature of walking along the beach, picking up shells, as an ocean sun sets in the distance casting the once blue sky into shades of yellow and orange. If you are truly wanting to get to know this small, but cozy, island then make sure you rent some bikes and spend an afternoon touring the area. As well, come at the right time and you’ll have the chance to pick up the perfect home crafted souvenir at the local farmers’ market! If you’re looking for that perfect gift for someone back home, take a stop in and see what treasures exist in the various art galleries that can be found in the area. 

If you’re looking for the chance to spend a day away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and spend it relaxing amongst the quite sands of a small, but intimate island, make sure to inquire further with Vacanza Rentals at (850) 290-2080!