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Vacanza Rentals ensures that we have adequate safety protocols in place that are in line with both CDC and WHO guidance and recommendations.
Our professional cleaning service is taking extra measurements to make sure that you feel comfortable staying in our vacation homes, following strict cleaning and sanitation procedures. 
Our Property Manager is always available by phone or email, but we are limiting all personal contact.


With offices in Cape Coral, Vacanza Rentals specializes in Southwest Florida Vacation Rentals, Property Management, and Real Estate Services. 

At Vacanza Rentals our MISSION is to create a smooth, quick and safe way to book and stay at a vacation rental. We want to always keep up with the latest technology within our industry to maintain our VISION of being a Top Provider and Care Holder of Luxury Vacation Rentals. Vacanza Rentals CORE VALUES are to deliver exceptional customer service at all our locations, done responsibly, with the best interests of owners, guests and neighbors in mind.