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Owner FAQS

  • Q. How much money can I expect to gross on my rental?

    A. Once we have had a chance to evaluate your specific rental unit, we’d be happy to give you an estimate. It all depends on the property’s condition and location. With a 50% occupancy, you’ll own a second home for free. With a 70% occupancy, you’re making money.

  • Q. What fees do you collect from renters?

    A. In addition to the basic rental rate, required taxes, cleaning and credit card fees, we also collect additional OPTIONAL fees like travel insurance.

  • Q. How and when do I receive income payment?

    A. Every month we send you an Owner Statement with all the information on your income and disbursements. The money earned is transferred to your account every month. You also receive your own login to our systems, so you can keep an overview of all the inquiries, bookings and money transactions yourself.

  • Q. Can you help me with administrative and financial details?

    A. Yes. On behalf of property owners we collect rental income, make sure that bills are paid on time. We take care of sales- and tourist tax on a monthly basis. We also work together with a tax specialist, so we know that everything is handled correctly.

  • Q. How often can I use my own property?

    A. You can use the property how often you want. Preferably not during high season for the very best generated income. With a bit of flexibility, it is usually easy for an owner to strike a comfortable balance between personal use and income.

  • Q. What do I need to provide in my rental?

    A. As part of owner preparation, we provide a detailed list of required and recommended items each resort rental should have, including basic appliances and furnishings.

  • Q. Do I have to hire a pool- and lawn service and pest control?

    A. Yes. To properly maintain och protect your property investment you should have all the above check your property on a regular basis. If you want us to, we do this for you. We use our trusted vendors in all our vacation homes. In that way, we KNOW that everything is taken care of properly.

  • Q. What do you do about property repairs and maintenance?

    A. An important part of our service relieves owners from maintenance and repair hassles. As your Rental Agency, it’s in our best interest as well that your home is properly maintained. That’s why we work proactively, we take care of the defects right away. That way we keep your property in perfect shape at the very best price.

  • Q. What if something is stolen or damaged in my property?

    A. Our property managers perform a thorough inspection before and after each rental to ensure your property is intact and secure. All guests also have paid a $500 security deposit and we take their credit card information at check-in.

  • Q. How do you screen renters?

    A. You need to be over 25 years old to book one of our vacation rentals. We personally check them in when they arrive at the villa and we also keep their id on file.

  • Q. Where do I keep my own personal things while I’m not there?

    A. We can set it up so that one of the closets are locked at all times and you can keep your personal things in there. Or if you have an extra storage space in the garage, that’s a great spot.

  • Q. If I decide to sell my property, would you take care of the sale for me?

    A. Yes. We have a broker division, with over 30 years of experience of buying and selling properties in SW Florida.

  • Q. What is Local Guest Service?

    We learned by experience that if you just give your keys to a stranger and let them move in, they will have a ton of questions and spend half the vacation on the phone trying to figure things out.

    That’s why we at VacanzaRentals go over the home together with the owner and documents everything with pictures and easy to understand manuals, how to handle all the appliances in the home without making tons of phone calls. This is then nicely presented in a Home Operational Manual located in the home and shown to all guests at check-in.

    VacanzaRentals also makes an Inventory list over all items in the home and works out a Check-in/Check-out document together with the owner. This document is then used every time VacanzaRentals check-in or out a new guest to the home to make sure nothing has been damaged or needs attention before the next guest arrives.

  • Q. You gave me a guest booking. What’s next?

    Our services don’t end with just giving you the guest booking. We can take care of everything on location when the guests arrive as well.

    We will send out directions and contact information to guests a couple of weeks before arriving. We will make sure the home is clean and ready for the guests on the day of arrival. We will meet and greet the guests in the home when they arrive, or if they’re arriving late, we will make arrangements to meet them the following day. We guide the guest through the whole home at check-in and again at check-out to make sure nothing have been damaged or needs attention. And most importantly that the current guests don’t be held liable for damages that earlier guest may have applied. All documentations are promptly sent to the owner after each guest.

  • Q. How to contact us if guest needs assistance during their stay?

    VacanzaRentals local guest Services has a 24/7 Guest hotline for guest to call if they need assistance in any way. VacanzaRentals staff will then try to help the guests as soon as possible and make the necessary contact to local vendors if needed. Home owners can rest assure that everything is taken care of in a timely manner.

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