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Top Winter Events in Cape Coral, Florida

It goes without saying that one of the bigger seasonal events in Florida is of course the infamous Spring Break, when the beaches become flooded with thousands of college students all enjoying the chance to relax after a challenging semester. Most people don’t realize it, but Cape Coral has a number of events and things to keep an eye out for during the winter months as well! Read on a discover what events you might want to keep a look out for this winter in Cape Coral.

A Night at the Theatre

Many people would be forgiven for not realizing this, but Cape Coral has quite the bustling theatre district, and throughout the cozy winter months there are several theatres in the area who put on a diverse variety of different plays and musicals for you to enjoy and fall in love with. For instance, from October 7th until November 20th enjoy the classical musical numbers and stories from “The Sound of Music” performed by the Broadway Palm Dinner Theater where you can enjoy both dinner and a show. If you’re looking for something a bit spookier—after all, just because its winter doesn’t mean one can’t embrace the thrills of the fall—catch “The Woman in Black,” ending November 14th at the Historic Arcade Theatre. For those looking to get into the Christmas spirit, head on over the Fort Myers Theatre for their production of “A Christmas Carol” on December 21st. You can also catch the Broadway style Christmas musical “Holly Jolly Christmas” from November 25th until Christmas Day at the Broadway Palm Dinner Theatre. If one is looking to enjoy the classics which have held through several generations, make sure to catch the Historic Arcade Theatre’s production of “West Side Story,” November 23rd to December 15th.

These are just a handful of the countless shows and events that one can find being put on by the local theaters and their talented band of actors. So, if you find yourself coming to Cape Coral this winter, or any other, make sure you check their calendars, as you are almost assured to find something that you’d be happy to sing along to as the winter night grows later.

Fun Inside

Many of the local restaurants, bars, and clubs also do their best to keep the Florida party spirit alive throughout the slower winter months, and you would be doing yourself a disservice not to check out at least one or two of them. You’ll find such classic favorites as weekly Bingo nights every Wednesday at the Naples Flatbread Kitchen and Bar. If you are looking to enjoy something truly unique, and rather adrenaline pumping, then make sure you check out Kava on Fire, running until the beginning of December, where you can gasp in wonder as you watch a collection of professional fire spinners putting on an unforgettable show. Not only this, but many are more than happy to teach you a thing or two about the art so that you too can amaze your friends with these amazing displays of pyrotechnics (though we don’t advice practicing outside of the event). Further, you’ll find a selection of different brews and drinks on tap to enjoy as the night wears on and the performances get more intense.

If you are looking for something maybe a bit more laid back, then head on over to the Crowsnest Bar and Grill and enjoy their Jazzed-Up Thursdays as you tap your foot to the sophisticated and smooth rhythms of good jazz. You can also head on over to classic bar favorites like Monday night trivia at the Island House Café or sing the night away with karaoke at the Liki Tiki BBQ.

Christmas Fun on the Coast

As the winter wears on and the festive spirit begins to permeate the air, you’ll find a variety of Christmas events beginning to be put on throughout the city, ensuring that at no point during your Florida Christmas will you be missing the snow and flurries. For instance, why not help a good cause by supporting two non-profits on December 1st at the annual Festival of Trees, where you will see the best of the best compete against each other to create the perfect Christmas tree, and make sure you stay after for the large block party that will take place after (there have even been whispers that Santa plans on making an appearance). After this, make sure you check out the Holiday Boat A Long, where you can enjoy the thrill of watching a parade of boats sail across the canals, each one looking to outdo the other with their attempts at Christmas décor. As well, you’ll find that throughout the day there will be live music with food and craft vendors scattered throughout. As the sun begins to sink, don’t leave just quite yet, as they will top the event off with a community movie in the park. Finally, make sure you check out the unique and quite old-school live radio broadcast featuring the Christmas class of “It’s a Wonderful Life” which will be broadcasted out across the city.

A Bit of This and That

While all of these things are more than enough reason to come checkout the Florida coast this winter, there are a few things that really don’t fit into any one category but are still perfect for those seeking a bit of fun on your next vacation. For instance, you might enjoy going and watching the competition soar at the Florida Winter National Wood Art Expo and Competition, where you will get to see the best of the best that wood carving and woodwork has to offer. Not only this, but you can enjoy the variety of vendors who will be selling various woods, tools, blanks, art and more! Also make sure you head on over to the Edison and Ford Winter Estates to jam out the annual Rhythm on the River Concert Series, which will feature a variety of live bluegrass bands for you to tap your foot to as you let the rhythms flow. Finally, while Cape Coral might not be the biggest city in the area, quite a few big-name groups stop by throughout the year and make for the perfect memorable event to add to your vacation. For instance, come in November and rock out to the class rock blues group that is ZZ Top as they rock the night away at the Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall.

As you can see, there is more to Cape Coral, and the Florida Coast, than just summer or spring parties on the beach. We host a variety of events even during the months of winter, ensuring that no matter when you come and visit, you will have a vacation to remember. So, come enjoy the perfect winter getaway with Vacanza Rentals by booking your stay online or calling us at (850) 290-2080 today!