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Top Winter Things to Do in Cape Coral, Florida

There are many reasons for why one should visit Florida. After all, there are the pristine white beaches one can lounge around on as they soak up the warm rays of the sun as the waves keep a rhythmic beat upon the shore. However, beyond this, what makes Florida truly the perfect place to visit and a favorite amongst the snowbirds is that you won’t find any white out blizzards or sudden freezing cold snaps while staying along the coastal shores. Rather, you’ll find that many of the activities that so many flock to in the summer are still more then doable even in the colder months of winter. So, read on and discover all the things to do in Cape Coral in winter!

Explore the Unique Shops of the Coast

Of course, one of the beauties of winter is that it provides the perfect excuse to hang out inside and explore the various wares that each vendor has on display to catch the eyes and temp one’s pocketbook. For those who are getting the shopping itch, or just merely have found the joys of window shopping, Cape Coral offers several unique stores that are sure to have you leaving with several shopping bags clinging to your arms. For instance, you might enjoy Wild About Popcorn, which offers a wide rang of specialty popcorns ranging from the typical favorites like caramel, cheddar, or kettle corn to the unique and unusual such as the savory flavors of bacon cheddar, buffalo ranch, or creamy dill pickle. One will even see such unique flavors as garlic bread, Sour Patch Kids, pizza, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch. If you find yourself particularly enjoying a flavor, then make sure you check in about their tins which go up to 3.5 gallons!

After that, you might enjoy taking a stroll down to Revolution Records, where many can enjoy the soft and warm caress of nostalgia, or else enjoy your fist taste of why record stores have remained a favorite of many for so long. Keep you eye out though as you explore as they have many rare records that any music or fan would give anything to own. You also might enjoy Karma and Coconuts, which offers a range of items created by over 60 local artists, ranging from stones to incense, jewelry, paintings, crystals, and all in between. If you find yourself with some extra time, check in about one of the many classes; they offer them on everything from jewelry making to painting!

Embrace the Winter Wilderness

As we mentioned, one of the best parts about spending your winter in Florida is that the weather allows for many of the favorites of spring and summer to be enjoyed year-round. So, while you’re with us this winter, make sure you spend some time exploring the beautiful landscapes that lay hidden along the coast.

You might enjoy taking the time to visit Bunche Beach, for instance. While, yes, it most likely will be just a bit too cold for a swim to sound appealing, that is no reason you can’t appreciate the beauty of the coast from the sandy shore. Enjoy these 715 acres stretch of wilderness say sits upon the San Carlos Bay. With its beautiful sandy beaches, mangrove forests, and bright white salt flats, this tidal wetland is sure to have your eyes wide as you gaze in wonder at the beautiful nature of the beach. Further, make sure you stay for a bit, as the beach hosts some of the most picturesque and beautiful sunsets around.

You also might enjoy visiting the Four Mile Cove Ecological Preserve, which hosts one of the most popular trails in the area. This 365-acre protected preserve hosts a beautiful 1.2-mile loop that will take you through the mangroves that huge the side of the Caloosahatchee River. If not this, you might enjoy taking a trip to Rotary Park, where you can enjoy a number of outdoor activities such as the butterfly garden, which will have you feeling as if you suddenly walked into a Disney movie!

Local Favorites

As we finish up or discussion of winter activities, let us end with some of the favorites of both tourists and locals alike. For instance, if you find yourself traveling as a family, you most likely will enjoy spending an afternoon at Smugglers Cove Adventure Park, where you can let the competition soar as you take on the 18-hole mini golf course, complete with pirate ship, caves, and a waterfall. You’ll even see live alligators, which you can learn more about at the educational exhibit and actually have a chance to feed (using a rather long pole, of course). You’ll find out firsthand why they have been rated the best mini golf in Florida for 5 years in a row.

After you enjoy the fun of mini-golf, head on down to Sky Zone Trampoline Park, where you just might find yourself using your little ones as an excuse to be able to play in the park yourself—and after seeing the fun everyone else is having, who can blame you? You’ll find a variety of different activities here for you to conquer. For instance, see if you can make it up the challenging warped wall straight out of Ninja Warrior, or take on the obstacle course and see who has the most skill and can make it through quickest. You’ll also find a foam zone purely for leaps of courage and acrobatic displays, as well as freestyle jumps with wall-to-wall trampolines where one can bounce around and feel like a circus acrobat for a day.

If you’re finding yourself looking for the perfect way to end your day, head on over to Wicked Dolphin Rum Distillery, where you can allow the studious mind within to enjoy a detailed tour of their facility as you learn about the complex process of making fine rum that many would feel lucky to enjoy. However, make sure to save this until the end, as after the tour you’ll have a chance to explore their tasting room and sample a large selection of different rums ranging from fan favorites to new brews and experimental concoctions that few have had the privilege of trying yet.

As you can see, no matter the time of year you come, nor the season, you are assured to find a host of activities that will have you and your family wishing for more when the day finally comes to return home. So, why not prepare for your next winter vacation and call Vacanza Rentals at (850) 290-2080 or book your rental home online today!