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Welcome to Sanibel Island

Many of us have been gripped by the various tales of castaways who survived for years on a deserted island. Further, many of us have daydreamed about owning some private island where we too could hide away from the world whenever we so chose. However, while the chances of you becoming shipwrecked are luckily quite low, and there are few who can afford a private island, Sanibel Island allows anyone to experience all the beauty and serenity that a coastal island offers! Make sure to read on and discover just how easily you too could experience the joys of warm water, sub-tropical beaches, and crashing waves. 

What You Can Do

Located just off the Gulf of Mexico and a short drive from Fort Myers, Florida, Sanibel Island is the perfect place to go if you are looking for a private island getaway. With plenty of sandy beaches, world renowned shelling, tantalizingly delicious restaurants and more, Sanibel Island is the perfect spot to enjoy a warm Florida afternoon or even a weekend. One could take advantage of the 15 miles of beaches and stretch out upon the sand, or possibly join the hundreds of others stooped over and shifting through the sand in search of that perfect shell, or even sit upon the sand, sipping champagne with a significant other, as the sun sets, and the sound of crickets join the symphony of crashing waves. 

However, there is plenty more to do and see then just the beaches. Why not explore the waters themselves by renting a boat, or having the boat driven for you on one of several different tours? If one is looking for some competition, then take your group to Beachview Golf and Tennis Club and see who truly has the most skill. Or one could let the adventure and excitement soar by grabbing a tank, flippers, and goggles to go explore an underwater wreck. You could even spend an afternoon in the cool airconditioned halls of the Bailey-Matthews Shell Museum and learn about the over 250 types of shells that can be found upon the island. Before you leave, make sure you don’t miss out on the memorable food that can found here. After a romantic day walking upon the beach, collecting shells, why not end it with an intimate dinner at Sanibel Steakhouse or take the family out for a pie at Island Pizza? 

No matter what you are looking for, or whoever you are going with, Sanibel Island is sure to allow for the perfect day and memory. Make sure you inquire further with Vacanza Rentals at (850) 290-2080 to book your Florida getaway!