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All About Cape Coral’s History

Though many towns and communities spring up out of necessity around ever-growing settlements, Cape Coral is actually the result of a planned, and incredibly successful, community effort to build up what is now the 117th most populous city in the United States. Read on to learn more about the history of Cape Coral!

Cape Coral’s Beginnings

While 117th most populous may not sound particularly impressive, keep in mind that the city’s history didn’t really begin until 1957, when two brothers from Baltimore fell in love with the area and started up with their plans.

Since they were already real estate developers, they were well suited to the task, and with a small group of investors, managed to purchase a 103-square-mile space for the price of $678,000. At the time, this area was called Redfish Point, and by 1958 this group of real estate developers had already started working on building it up.

With a unique sales model, this group of developers was able to find incredible success. They would throw dinner parties and entice prospective buyers with the promise of a free meal or two. Groups of people would attend these parties, and because of their specific training around this sales model, sales teams would close deals in an impressively short 90 minutes.

Fast forward a few years to 1963, and the population had already managed to reach nearly three thousand people, with 1300 buildings either completed or still being built. Right around this time, the city already had access to paved roads, over 160 miles of canals, shopping centers, a golf course, yacht club, and medical clinic. All of this was thanks to clever marketing and a ton of celebrity endorsements urging people to flock to the area and help grow it.

Cape Coral officially incorporated in 1970 and showed no signs of slowing down on its expansion. At an incredible pace, the city continued to grow until the famous housing market crash of 2008, but as the country recovered from the event, so too did Cape Coral, and in the present day it continues to expand more quickly than homes can be built to house would be citizens.

Present Day Cape Coral

Thanks to the rapid expansion efforts of the past, Cape Coral is now one of the premier vacation spots in the state. The sheer number of navigable canals in the area is so massive that it has actually impacted the tides and local ecology, and locals can often be seen sailing through neighborhoods to get to their homes with dock access.

Come stay with us and see the product of nearly 70 years of effort. Enjoy all of the modern amenities while you experience history being built before your eyes. When you stay with Vacanza Rentals, you’ll have easy access to all of the historic locations in town, even if you opt for our short-term rentals in case you won’t be here for long. Get in touch with us and find the perfect rental for your vacation!