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Smart Noise Monitoring

Protect Your Property, Inside & Out.

We have included the NoiseAware Smart Noise Monitoring in our services. With an easy installation of one outdoor monitor and one indoor monitor, we will be able to monitor the noise level at all our properties.


NoiseAware works like a smoke detector, but for noise.

The sensors track the decibel levels at the property, evaluate other risk factors and send an alert via text or email if the noise levels exceed our chosen threshold level.

The Noise Risk Score goes beyond the sporadic and instantaneous measurement of a decibel, to bring you context and deeper insight. We track not only how loud it is, but how long it is loud for. We combine this with several other factors to bring you the contextual noise risk score. Nobody wants a text every time a guest sneezes.


80% of the time, guests quiet down within 15 minutes of being contacted!


We hope that this will protect all our inventory from noise issues, property damage, and false complaints. To keep the properties safe and well taken care of as well as keeping a good reputation in our community as well as in the vacation rental industry.


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