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Top Five Local Only Shops to Visit in Cape Coral

One of the best parts of going on a vacation is having an excuse to spend an afternoon perusing the local shops, whether it be a small family-owned boutique or a unique, locally owned candy shop. No matter what the store holds, there is something fun about getting to see the unique and new. We understand this, so we have gone ahead and gathered the top five best local spots for Cape Coral shopping for you to visit during your stay!

Revolution Records

There are those of us who still remember the days of afternoons past spent buried in the shelves of your local record store, searching for that sound to make your foot jig, or your soul cry. Even those who weren’t around during those days can learn just why that is such a cherished memory when they visit Revolution Records. This record store offers a glimpse into the past with a large selection of vinyl records. However, they don’t just have your typical garage sale finds, but a selection of rare records that you just may never again see in your life! However, this shop prides themselves on the fact their selection contains a variety of international and eclectic records and hits as well. Not only do they provide a multitude of vinyl for you to browse, but also a large selection of CDs, cassette tapes and various bits of memorabilia. So, if your look to kindle a bit of nostalgia, or just enjoy a friendly record store, you are sure to be glad you stopped by Revolution Records!

The Looke

We all enjoy a good clothing store or boutique; even if our intention isn’t to buy and only to browse, there is something special about viewing rows and rows of fine cloth cut and stitched into wearable art. Well, nobody understands this better than The Looke, who specialize in a very special kind of fashion. At this store you won’t find your typical t-shirt, rather these clothes have been inspired by the women from the Golden Age of Hollywood. However, nobody would truly be an artist if they didn’t throw in their own little bit of wonder. For this reason, you will find that many of the clothes offered here have a touch of classical air, with a flair of modern style. You will find tops that are designed to make anyone look at beautiful as the Monroe it was modeled after. However, you will not just find a beautiful selection of tops and dresses, but also pants and shoes. While the wares themselves are quite the thing to behold, the atmosphere is just as difficult to beat as it’s the type of place you peruse not just for the final object purchased, but the pure unhindered joy of the search.

Razzle Dazzle

We have here another boutique, however just as no two people are the same as is no two shops the same. While both Razzle Dazzle and The Looke specialize in women’s fashion, Razzle Dazzle has come at it from a different angel, with their own unique spin on what a boutique should entail. You will find here a selection of originally embellished T shirts, as well as jeans, jeggings, tops, skirts, and dresses. However, not only are the cuts designed to make any person look as beautiful as humanly possible, but they also come in array of dazzling colors and designs that are sure to turn anyone’s head in envy. Those who prefer to blend in will find a large selection of more neutral colors as well. While this is a reason alone to visit Razzle Dazzle, they have gone the extra mile and often put together full-on fashion shows. Their shows come with not only the show itself, but a free buffet lunch and non-alcoholic drinks! This makes Razzle Dazzle not only a boutique with products that would make any heart yearn, but also a true place to appreciate the art that is fashion.

Karma and Coconuts

We have already explored the wonder of the boutique, so now let’s turn our focus to a unique gift shop that is sure to have something for everyone. This little shop hosts an impressive array of various pieces all created or designed by local artists. This humble shop hosts over 60 artists’ works! Here you will find fine stones shaped and polished to a satisfying glow, crystal that reflect the light, casting rainbows upon the walls, and incense that is sure to relax the mind and soul. However, Karma and Coconuts doesn’t just offer wares but also gives one the ability to learn to make the art they’ve been gazing upon fondly. Five days a week, this shop offers classes taught by local artists. These classes range from the basics of painting to the fine intricacies of jewelry making to the art of creating masterpieces of stained glass. For this reason, Karma and Coconuts is not only a place to kill an hour, but a place you can thoroughly enjoy an afternoon!

Wild About Popcorn

There are few foods which are remembered so universally fondly as popcorn. Whether those memories are you sitting in the cool theater as the lights darken and your show begins to play as the taste of butter and salt meets your lips, or of walking through a fair munching upon the sweet kernels of kettle corn. Well, Wild About Popcorn not only understands the joy this simple treat can bring but has taken it to an entirely new level! This local shop sells over 50 different flavors of specialty popcorn. These range from the classics such as cheddar and kettle corn, to the savory with garlic bread, pizza, buffalo ranch, and sour cream and onion, to the sweet with Cinnamon toast crunch, cotton candy, sour patch, and birthday cake! Not only do they offer build a tin where you can get up to 3.5 gallons worth of flavored popcorn, but they even make popcorn bouquets which are perfect for that special someone. While you are here, make sure you don’t miss the chance to try some truly unique and unforgettable popcorn that you are sure to be taking home to show your friends.

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