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Top Five Spots for a Gorgeous View in Cape Coral

There are many occasions in which we might decide that we need a gorgeous view. For some, it is because they are with a significant other and looking to create the perfect intimate ambiance. For others, it’s because they are eagerly searching for that perfect photo to post online. No matter your reasons for seeking to view the world with all the raw beauty it holds, you are sure to find stunning sights here in Cape Coral, and we have gathered the top five Cape Coral sightseeing spots for that perfect view you seek!

Sirenia Vista

Sirenia Vista is a beautiful 8-acre environmental park that not only hosts the typical scenic views that one would expect, but also offers the unique experience of being able to see manatees. Imagine looking out over the canal as a soft breeze ruffles your hair and in the distance a flipper peaks out above the water, breaking its sparkling coat. This is why Sirenia Vista has some of the best views you’ll find. While the park is still new, and still seeking funding for the addition of boardwalks and other amenities, it still proves to be the perfect place to take a lazy walk and behold the unique views that only Florida can offer!

Bunche Beach

Everyone has seen that screensavers or computer backgrounds of the beautiful ocean scene. Well, at Bunche Beach you will be able to see these kinds of incredible views firsthand and will have 715 acres of beach and wilderness to explore! Imagine sitting on the beach as the sun sets in the distance, casting streaks of orange and yellow across the sky as a seagull calls in the distance. However, there is more to see then just the beach, you’ll find equally stunning views in the surrounding mangrove forest and salt flats. What’s more is this beach, and the surrounding area, are open year-round, ensuring that no matter when you come you will be sure to be able to come and see the beauties of the seas firsthand. So, come and not only reconnect with nature, but get a beautiful view at the same time at Bunche Beach!

Charlotte Harbor Preserve State Park

Charlotte Harbor isn’t just a place where you are sure to see the wildlife that calls the area home, nor is it just a place where you will get to see a variety of the environments that make Florida the unique area it is; this is a place you truly can go to get as close to nature as possible! Located on 45,387 acres, Charlotte Harbor is the third largest state park in Florida. Given its size it’s no wonder that it sports a large variety of environments and sceneries that are guaranteed to strike wonder in your heart. For instance, you’ll be able to explore mangrove forests, marshes, scrub habitats, pine flatwoods and more. If your truly feeling adventurous you can explore the large sections of the park that are remote and fully primitive wilderness. These areas are so outside the populated areas that they highly advise taking a compass and map! This ensures that, should you be daring and adventurous, you can truly get the chance to see some views that very few are gifted enough to have gazed upon. However, no matter if you’re hacking your way through the wilderness, an adventurer of the modern area, or just sitting upon a bench soaking in the views before you, you are sure to see the wide variety of wildlife that still roam these wild lands. Depending on which of the terrains you are visiting, you are sure to see wading birds, manatees, dolphins and more. So, let the adventurer out and see the views that only Charlotte Harbor Preserve State Park has!

Four Mile Cove Ecological Preserve

This 365-acre park is one of the best places to go if you are looking for a relaxing, easy, yet amazingly beautiful journey through the wilderness of Cape Coral. While the place does have various places to fish, the 1.2-mile loop is truly where the beauty happens. Starting at the visitor center, you will follow the boardwalk as it meanders into coastal prairies which drift and dance in the breeze like a meadow from some long-forgotten story book. You’ll eventually get to the observation platform which overlooks the needle rush marsh and is perfect for taking a moment to sit alone with your thoughts as you gaze lazily over the terrain. Continue on and you will find yourself in a corridor shaded by saltbush, casting you in a welcoming shade. Soon you will be passing red mangroves, tall giant leather ferns, and low bitter panicum grass. As you trek on, you will find yourself in a thick tangle of mangroves, search and you will find an outlook with one section of Four Mile Cove stretched before you. Journey forward and you will find yourself standing atop the boardwalk, overlooking a canal. Continue further and you will soon find saltbush towering above you, creating a bower which protects you from the sun and world outside. You will then find yourself at a platform on Caloosahatchee where you will be able to see the Thomas Edison House far in the distant. Soon, the boardwalk will end, and you will find yourself walking down a shell path lined by sand oak and Ficus trees. This trail will eventually lead you to a marsh fringed at its edges by cattails and duck potatoes. If this quick walk through has you instantly searching up photos, then why not come and see it yourself?

Rotary Park

While it is true that Rotary Park is one of the smaller selections on this list at 97 acres, it truly makes up for what it lacks in size by holding enough to spend a relaxing afternoon in nature, as well as holding one of the best views in Cape Coral. When you come to the park, and before you walk to the observation tower, take a trip by the Butterfly House and become Snow White for a moment as these beautiful insects dance and glide before you. After getting in touch with the insect world, take a relaxing and lovely stroll down one of their nature trails or walking paths. Do so and you’ll be gifted by views of wetlands, oyster bars, shallow flats, uplands, and salt marshes! You might even find it quite relaxing to sit by the pond and just sit back and listen to the ducks creating their symphony of feathered brass. Finally, make sure you take a stroll up to the observation tower, where you can climb to the top and be bestowed a breathtaking sea of green foliage which rises and falls into the distance. Of all there is to do at this lovely little park, this one view atop the tower will be most sure to strike a feeling of awe and wonder into your heart. So, if you are searching for not only a dazzling view, but also a way to spend a few hours, then make sure you visit Rotary Park!

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