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Top Five Under the Radar Attractions in Cape Coral

Sometimes while we are on vacation, we can grow weary of the crowds and throngs of people that typically go to the well-known Cape Coral attractions and sights. At times, we would much rather get to experience those small, hole-in-the-wall attractions that often can be more exciting and memorable then the well-known ones to which everyone goes. For this reason, we’ve put this list together for you so that you truly can see all that Cape Coral has to offer, no matter how well known or hidden the attraction.

Railroad Museum of South Florida

While it is true that with modern transportation, trains don’t get quite the level of admiration that they once held, one cannot deny that many of us as kids either were or knew of someone who was quite fond of them. So, why not take your family to the Railroad Museum of South Florida and re-spark that old love, or perhaps ignite a new one in your own pride and joy. They are sure to find fascination with the 3,200 square feet of museum space complete with a restored 1905 Atlantic Coastline Railroad 0-6-0 Baldwin Locomotive and a 1953 Seaboard Airline Railroad Caboose! However, even if you may not find yourself the studious type, you are still sure to find a peaceful experience aboard their 1-mile-long miniature train. This unique attraction takes you on a 15-minute journey through Southwest Florida’s past, allowing you to see just how much the area has grown and changed over the years. If you are looking for an afternoon of educational fun, make sure you check out the Railroad Museum!

Rotary Park

There is something about parks which brings out both the child within us, as well as a sense of calm serenity as you listen to ducks quack and children play. Well, Rotary Park has enough to keep both you and any young ones who may have accompanied you, entertained for an afternoon. Feel free to take stroll down a nature path as you listen to birds chirp, squirrels play, and ducks shouting their song. Or you could take a gander in the butterfly house and make some new, tiny, fluttery friends. There is even an observation tower, allowing you to truly see the area that so many of us have fallen in love with. As well, you will be able to enjoy 97 acres full of ponds, playgrounds, walking paths and more! However, make sure you don’t leave before you check out the 4,200 square foot environmental center which is home to snakes, lizards, turtles, fish and more! When you are in the mood to just relax and reconnect with nature, make sure you come visit Rotary Park.

Smugglers Cove Adventure Park

We all have fond memories of being kids and playing a good round of mini golf. We have all experienced the joy of colorful decorations which not only enhance the atmosphere but pull you into the wonderful child-like fun that comes with the game. Well, why not get in touch with that inner child and take a trip to Smugglers Cove Adventure Park, which has been rated the best mini-golf course in Florida for the past five years! Let the inner competitor in you shine as you hit balls in caves, over waterfalls and even live allegators. Speaking of, once you are done with your game of golf, make sure you take some time to feed the allegators, an experience few can say they have tried. Don’t forget to dig into a hot dog or ice cream at the club house and snack bar afterwards. After an afternoon of hitting the balls, you are sure to feel as young as you ever did, and once more remember some of those joys of childhood which have been long forgotten. So, reconnect with the past, or bring your own little loved one, and experience the joy of Smugglers Cove Adventure Park!

Vino’s Picasso

When on vacation, our biggest desire is to be able to sit back and relax. There is no better way to do so then spending an afternoon painting an unforgettable portrait, all while sipping wine and creating memories as a group. Even those of us who feel that we at best can draw a stick figure will be amazed at the inner Michelangelo that can be found within. Several different events occur throughout the week, so almost no matter the day you come you are sure to find something going on in Florida’s first paint bar and art gallery. Not only this, but since it’s opening, and since others have followed suite, Vino’s Picasso was rated #1 by locals and was rated one of the top five paint and wine studios in all of Florida! So, why not grab a couple bottles of wine or beer, or prepare to select from their fine selection, and spend the afternoon in the Zen-like state that only artists know at Vino’s Picasso!

Sky Zone Trampoline Park

When one hears of a trampoline park many of us think that these types of things, and experiences, are only for children. However, Sky Zone shows truly that this is not the case. These are not your ordinary trampolines or bounce houses; while they do have these things, you will also find such attractions as ultimate dodgeball and inflatable obstacle courses for you to challenge your family. As well, you will find several unique activities such as skyslam (a take on the traditional game of basketball) or even the inflatable obstacle course! If you and your guests are truly looking to let the competition soar, then make sure you take each other on with sky jousting! If you are looking for a challenge, then make sure to give the sky ladder a shot and see if you can be one of the few to make it to the top. However, if you are looking for a more team type game, then you will find what you seek with their game of wipe out! No matter the age of you and your guests, and no matter who you bring, you are all sure to have a time to remember at Sky Zone Trampoline Park!

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