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Why Visit Cape Coral During the Winter

Winter is commonly associated with cold weather, snow, and staying indoors with the heat on, but sometimes you need to escape that cold in favor of a warmer climate. What better way to avoid the gloom and cold of the winter season than by taking a beach vacation? Plenty of areas with beaches, including the Cape Coral and Fort Myers area, manage to stay temperate even during the winter, helping you to avoid that intense cold of a freezing winter. While you’re visiting, there’s plenty to do, whether you’re looking to attend some holiday parties, or just hit the beach, here are some ways to spice up your vacation this winter in Cape Coral.

Sirenia Vista Park

This is a great environmental park to visit all times of the year, but when the weather cools down a little bit around the winter, it’s easy to spend hours here without the sun beating down on you. It’s an 8-acre park and makes for one of the more popular spots to view manatees in their natural habitat. Only the first phase of the park’s construction has been completed, but it’s an ever-expanding project that’s worth keeping an eye on as it expands over the years. For now, you can expect to enjoy fishing, kayaking, and plenty of bird watching if you plan on visiting.

Four Mile Cove Eco Preserve

Keep the outdoor enjoyment rolling with a visit to the Four Mile Cove Eco Preserve, the second largest preserve in Cape Coral, spanning a massive 365 acres. There’s a built-in boardwalk that runs along the Caloosahatchee River, making for a quiet, serene environment where you’ll get to hear the sounds of wildlife, especially birds, and possibly spot them in their natural environment. The Preserve opens up at 8am and stays open until sundown, so make use of that Florida sunshine.

Visit the Beaches

It might seem like this goes without saying, but if you’re in the area you can’t miss out on the opportunity to see one of the main attractions of the area year-round. Between Cape Coral and Fort Myers, there are plenty of different beaches for you to visit, and since it rarely drops down to cold temperatures in the area, the breeze coming in from the gulf is still perfectly pleasant during the winter. The water may be a bit cold for some, but on some of the warmer winter days you can still expect to find people enjoying the waters, and whenever you get your fill of the shoreline, all of the beaches have plenty of nearby bars and restaurants close by for you to enjoy.

Trent Art Gallery

If you’ve had your fill of the outdoors and are looking for something relaxing to do indoors, the Trent Art Gallery has an eclectic selection of works, and just about anyone will be able to find something they like, or at least have their curiosity piqued. There are occasionally some interactive exhibits, and events and auctions are often held, so keep an eye on their events to find the best day for you to visit.

Southwest Florida Military Museum and Library

With artifacts going all the way back to the Revolutionary War and all the up to the war in Afghanistan, the Southwest Florida Military Museum and Library is an ambitious undertaking that has managed to collect a wide variety of military history in one location.

Some of their artifacts are on loan from the military, and others are donated for permanent residence at the museum, making it a must-see location for anyone curious about the preservation of US Military history. Volunteers have spent thousands of hours cleaning and restoring their collection of artifacts, and admission to the museum is free, so stop in and take a trip through time.

Shop Local Produce at the Cape Coral Farmers Market

If you don’t plan on eating out for every meal, the Cape Coral Farmers Market happens every Tuesday and Saturday, and makes for a great place to stop in and pick up some local produce to use in cooking a few meals while supporting local businesses. This farmers market has been running for a few years and continues to build a bigger following with a wide variety of offerings.

There’s plenty of shopping to be had, including fresh produce, baked goods, homemade preserves, cheeses, take home foods, and plenty more. With a growing selection of vendors, you can expect to find something different every time you visit.

Somewhere to Return to

Whatever you choose to spend your time doing, whether it’s experiencing the pleasant air of the great outdoors or staying holed up for a quiet vacation with friends and family, Vacanza Rentals is here to help maximize your fun. With homes of all shapes and sizes, your group will find the perfect fit for them, so come visit and enjoy the winter at Cape Coral.