The family vacation is a time-honored tradition that doesn’t always go smoothly but is worth every effort we put into making these getaways special. It almost doesn’t matter where you go, as the most important part of the story is spending time with your loved ones, but if you want to make your vacation shine, choose Cape Coral as your destination and our Vacanza Rentals summer sanctuaries for your home away from home is the best way to do so! Offering everything that makes Florida special and all the comforts and luxuries you and your family deserve, THIS will be the family escape you will never forget! Our guide to things to do in Cape Coral with family to enjoy during your summer adventures in Cape Coral will help make sure you don’t miss out on a single moment of fun!

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The Simple Moments

Not all family-friendly activities have to involve a lot of moving pieces. Sometimes the simplest moments are the ones that can make the biggest impact as you enjoy the time spent with your family. The taste of an ice cream cone on a hot summer day can never be a bad thing and Ice Sssscreamin, 520 Cape Coral Parkway E is destined to offer all the delicious proof you need. This stand-alone shop offers over 75 flavors and just makes us happy. Seriously, how can you not be happy when sitting at a table under the clear blue skies of Cape Coral, watching your kiddos desperately try to keep up with the melting cone (and failing, of course, but that is just a part of the charm of the moment!)

Gator Mike’s Family Fun Park, 35 NE Pine Island Road

The alligator is Florida’s official state reptile, but don’t worry, there are no real gators at this family fun park trying to interrupt your enjoyment of the day! Offering batting cages, go-karts, and ax throwing as well as a plethora of other activities that will have you wishing the day could go on forever, Gator Mike’s Family Fun Park truly does put the fun back into family adventures! One of the more difficult aspects in planning a family vacation is trying to find something that EVERYONE can do together, but Gator Mike’s makes that part of the planning look easy! Ax throwing is an activity best experienced by those who are 14 or over and if you want to sip while you toss you will have to be over 21, but you can already see how much more enjoyable this park is than many others you may have visited over the years! Mini golf, a virtual reality gaming arcade, and paintball offer even more examples of why Gator Mike’s Family Fun Park is perfect for you and your family!

Dolphin Tours with Banana Bay Tour Company

Anyone over a certain age may remember a television series about the dolphin named Flipper but even if you aren’t old enough to remember the beautiful creature, you will definitely enjoy one of the dolphin tours offered by the Banana Bay Tour Company! Offering a variety of tours, including a romantic Sunset Tour you may want to check out on a return visit, our favorite tour is the Half Day Ecological and Dolphin Cruise. This three-hour cruise takes you to where the dolphins are playing, but also gives guests a peek into the lives of the beautiful birds that make their home in the area. Learn all there is to know about these beautiful creatures and all there is to know about the importance of continuing conservation activities AND enjoy a visit to Picnic Island where you can enjoy the picnic lunch you packed in advance, hunt for shells, or simply bask in the glory of the island’s natural surroundings! Swimming is allowed here as well, so don’t forget to wear your suit under your clothes!

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Sandcastles with the Kiddos

Of course, you will want to spend as much time as you can on the beach, especially when you remember how much fun you had with your own parents at the age your children are. Building sandcastles at the shore’s edge is another one of those time-honored family traditions requiring nothing more than sand, water, parents, kids, and a variety of buckets and shovels. Oh, and if you sprinkle a handful of imagination into your adventure, the sandcastles you build will reach magnificent proportions!

Stay Home and Play

The most magical of memories will be made without even having to leave the boundaries of our Vacanza summer sanctuaries! Swimming in either community or private pools, enjoying barbecues in which you have grilled your own catch of the day, and movie nights with the family gathered around the state-of-the-art televisions, munching on freshly popped popcorn recently prepared in our fully equipped kitchens! Reserve your favorite summer sanctuary today!

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