The Spring Training home to your Boston Red Sox is where the season begins each year. SWFL and Fort Myers take great pride in JetBlue Park and hosting the Boston Red Sox. If you are a Red Sox fan, you will absolutely love JetBlue Park, as they have the same traditions and camaraderie as in Fenway.

To register for tours please call (239) 226-4783.

Starting February 6th, 2020, The Boston Red Sox offer a Pregame Tour before each home game, which begins at Gate C, three hours prior to the first pitch. Along with an up-close and behind the scenes look at JetBlue Park, fans will have an opportunity to watch the Red Sox take batting practice on the main field or on the back-practice fields.

In either location, fans or tour guides will be on the field, behind stanchions for this once in-a-lifetime experience. Tour guides will bring you interesting and fun facts and share with you the similarities between Fenway Park and JetBlue Park, along with an amazing view from the Green Monster.


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