If you are looking for the best time to visit somewhere new like Cape Coral you may be wondering when you should visit. Picking out a time of year is just as important as the destination itself as the season will help shape what there is available to do. This is especially true in the fall season when most of the country is cooling off with colder weather and outdoor activities may not be as readily available. This is not the same for Cape Coral where you will still find summer going strong into the fall. Take a look at why the fall season in Florida is always the best time to visit Cape Coral:

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Cooler Weather and Less Crowds

Cape Coral is always the most popular here in the summer. The summer season is often a heavy travel season with kids off of school and parents wanting to spend some time at the beach. And while Cape Coral is the best destination for the summer it can be busy. Everyone wants to see the beautiful beaches and enjoyable ocean water during their vacation breaks. Busier travel seasons also mean prices go up and end up being a more costly vacation. What makes the fall season so special in Cape Coral is that the feeling of summer never goes away. The temps are still in the 80s and 90s making for perfect beach weather. You will find that the city is not as busy as the summer allowing you to find all of the outdoor activities without crowds. If you want a vacation getaway where you do not have to worry about everything selling out the fall season is your perfect time to visit Cape Coral.

Sunset and Dolphin Cruises

The fall season lets you enjoy all of the fall activities without finding everything sold out in advance. This includes sunset and dolphin cruises, one of the most popular activities here in Cape Coral. Banana Bay Tour Company continues to be the leading provider of tours out on the open water. They offer their popular hour-and-a-half-long dolphin cruise where you are practically guaranteed to see these loveable animals frolicking in the ocean water. You will have plenty of time to take in the sights of San Carlos Bay. You will even get a chance to see the Sanibel Island Bridge along with other locales. Their Dolphin Sunset Cruise takes the popular dolphin cruise and adds a romantic spin to it with the sun slowing setting in the background. The Ecological Dolphin and Lunch Tour lets you learn all about life on the ocean floor while having a deli-style lunch available to you on the boat. You can even see manatees in their natural habitat. Don’t miss out on this truly incredible opportunity available only in Cape Coral!

Enjoy the Beach

Visitors in the fall season will also be able to enjoy the beautiful beaches of Cape Coral without the usual summer crowds. The beaches are always pristine and will provide you with plenty of space to lay out under the sun. Some of the best beaches to enjoy during your trip in the fall include Bonita Beach (which also has a dog beach park), Yacht Club Community Park Beach, and Captiva Island Beach. The water will still be warm enough to remind you of summer as you splash around.

Cape Coral Oktoberfest

The fall season is always so exciting when you have special events to enjoy. Oktoberfest is always looked forward to in the fall all around the world as delicious German food and drinks are enjoyed together. Here in Cape Coral we also have our annual Cape Coral Oktoberfest where you can celebrate German heritage along with the incredible food and drinks you have come to expect. Visitors will be able to expect a variety of activities including live music, dancing, delicious food, and much more. Dancing will feature a variety of genres including polka, country, and even blues. Since this is Oktoberfest you can expect all of the incredible German beers on tap ready to be poured into a mug or boot. Food includes giant pretzels, wurst, brats, and so much more. Purchase a VIP experience to get special entry, free food and beer, and access to a special dinner. Cape Coral Oktoberfest always takes place on the last two weekends of October. Don’t miss out on this fall season!

Get Ready for Cape Coral

There is nothing better than enjoying all of the incredible activities and events of Cape Coral right here in the fall season. Book one of our fall rentals to experience the best stay in town. You will have access to luxury amenities while being close to these many activities and events.

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