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If you’re looking for a great vacation spot to spend your summer, then you’d be hard pressed to do better than Cape Coral. If you’re from somewhere that has particularly intense summers, you’ll find that you can escape some of that tough summer heat when you come visit the area. Cape Coral is a wonderful destination for anyone who enjoys the beach, and you’ll find that the cool breeze coming in from the Gulf is great for cutting down the heat even on some of the more intense summer days. If you’re really looking to cool off, the water is definitely warm enough for a long swim, and you’ll be able to stay cool while having fun.

On those days that the heat is just too much, or if you’re looking to stay indoors during most of your trip anyway, you’ll find there’s plenty for you to enjoy in town. Cape Coral has been growing fairly quickly over the years, and that kind of growth brings in all kinds of unique businesses for you to visit, especially restaurants. You’ll love going out and experiencing all of the great seafood in town on a hot summer day, and some of the restaurants are located right on the water for that premium atmosphere.

Booking in Advance Saves Money

Getting started early on booking your summer vacation in Cape Coral comes with all sorts of advantages that you’ll enjoy. Though we have a massive portfolio of different vacation homes available to you, waiting longer to book means you’re less likely to be able to book that perfect find if someone else saw it first. Not only will you be able to choose the home with all of the perfect amenities for your stay, but you’ll also be able to secure the prime location to cut down on travel times between your favorite beach spot and restaurants. Booking several months in advance will really open the world of rentals up to you, so start browsing as soon as possible and get those plans started.

Rates are usually better the earlier you secure your vacation rental, too. The sooner you lock in on your vacation home, the more money you save. Avoiding paying those higher rental costs or last-minute fees is a great way to keep your vacation budget looking great, especially since you’ve put so much work into making your vacation happen. All of that hard work going right back into your bank account means you’ll be able to have more fun while you’re here, and who doesn’t want that?

Spending the Extra Time Planning Pays Off

After putting in a bunch of hard work during your daily life, you’ll be ready to get some of the wonderful rest and relaxation. If you wait until the last minute, you might be creating more unnecessary stress for yourself, and that’s definitely not what going on vacation is about, so save yourself the trouble by putting in the work early. If you give yourself the extra prep time, you’ll find that you can put together a really solid plan before you even leave to begin your trip, and you won’t have to worry about crunching when you’re short on time. With as many things as there are to do in the Cape Coral area, you might find it overwhelming if you show up without a plan, so even if you’re just picking a few spots that you’re curious about, having some kind of itinerary will definitely help you in the long run.

Don’t forget about all of the possible seasonal events going on while you’re in town, either. Cape Coral can get pretty lively depending on the season, and people really love the summer weather at the beach, so there’s a strong chance there’s something special going on while you’re in town. If you find something you’d like to attend, planning in advance means you might just be able to shift your vacation days to make that special occasion.

Look Forward to the Good Times

Escaping all of the stress is the most important part of your vacation, and you might be getting off to a bad start if you aren’t careful. If planning winds up being too stressful, you might not be able to rest easy when your vacation is right around the corner. Once you’ve put together your full plan, you’ll be able to mark it down on your calendar and wait for the good times to begin. After all, if the planning went well, how much more fun is the vacation going to be?

There’s actually even more reason to make sure you put together the whole vacation ahead of time. You’ll be able to enjoy some extra mental health benefits when you know that you’ve got a reward coming up. Weeks to months of hard work will feel more justified when you know you’ve got something you’ll enjoy right around the corner, and there are even studies that suggest your life will have overall improvement due to the anticipation alone.

Summer in Cape Coral is Waiting for You

While you spend some time considering what it is you’d like to do while you’re in town, you can rest easy knowing our team of agents is on standby waiting to help you with any and all questions you might have. With all of the important in-depth knowledge about our portfolio of properties, they’ll be able to match you up with the perfect home for your vacation goals. Get in touch with us now and start your summer escape to Cape Coral the right way.

If you’re planning on putting together your upcoming Cape Coral vacation, and you want the perfect vacation home that’s loaded up with all kinds of different entertainment amenities, this is the perfect home for you. Between the spacious game room, living room, and plenty of outdoor equipment for use at the beach or in the screened in lanai, you’ll be able to keep all of your vacation time full of good fun.

Even better, this home has a premium location right on the canal and is right around the corner from the Cape Coral Yacht Club and Cape Coral Beach, giving you immediate access to some of the best spots in town. Between the prime stretches of beach and the great restaurants, you’ll have everything you need without having to worry about the extra travel.

The Interior

The main living area is incredibly spacious, and you’ll notice it all the second you walk into this home. This is the perfect floor plan for larger groups to enjoy the good times without having to congregate in one space, because the game room, kitchen, lounge area, and dining room are all part of one huge space, and with all the seating you could need spread out through the area, you’ll never have any trouble relaxing.

Just a short distance away from the dining table, you’ll find the pool table, which is located in the perfect spot to get some great views of the outside while you watch your favorite shows on one of the several nearby TVs. If it’s a bit colder out or you’re looking for the extra ambience, there’s also a fireplace ready and waiting for you. Of course, who could forget the wet bar, which makes it easy to keep the drinks coming all in one convenient spot.

You’ll also enjoy making use of the adjoining movie room, with plenty of comfy couch and lounge seating situated with great views of the wide screen TV. This room also has its own outdoor access, making for easy movement and plenty of natural light during the day.

The Kitchen

With a perfect location built for in home entertainment, it should come as no surprise that the kitchen is fully furnished with everything you could need to keep everyone well fed. Make use of the combination stove and oven, microwave, and fryer to cook up anything from small snacks to full course meals with ease, and there’s plenty of storage if you’re staying for a while. With a full-size refrigerator and freezer, tons of cabinetry, and a ton of counter space, you won’t have to worry about feeling claustrophobic or having any of your food go bad. Don’t forget about the ice machine and coffee maker for the full variety of drinks, either.

Depending on your preference, you’ve got plenty of choices for where to eat when the meal is ready, too. One of the kitchen countertops has its own bar seating, perfect for a meal for two over a bottle of wine. If you’re feeling a more classic dining experience, the dining room table is just around the corner, and can comfortably seat eight guests, all with a perfect view of the canal through the sliding glass door. Speaking of the backyard, there’s plenty of seating outside if you want to enjoy your meal while you enjoy the breeze and gentle sound of the flowing canal.

The Backyard

Completely screened in to keep out any unwanted guests, the lanai is a wonderful spot to enjoy the gorgeous Cape Coral weather from the comfort of your own home. Between the lounge seating and dining room table, you’ll have plenty of room for the whole party, and portions of the outdoor space also have shade from the overhead awning if you want the weather without the sun beating down on you.

You can even cook up your favorite meals out here, too. With a BBQ gas grill and counter with built in sink, you’ll have no trouble keeping the party going without having to head inside to cook while everyone else is enjoying the breeze.

The Bedrooms

There are four total bedrooms between the two floors of Villa Seas the Day, two of which are en-suite master bedrooms equipped for maximum comfort. The different varieties of beds also give you plenty of options for sleeping arrangements, with one suite having two separate queens, and the other having two Twin XL’s that you can join together if that’s what you’d like. The third and fourth bedrooms have a king and queen mattress, respectively, and all four rooms have their own TV for you to stream your favorite shows on while you wind down for the night. Each room also has its own window, so if you want to let the cool breeze in on a winter night, you’ll be able to rest easy.

Other Amenities

Our laundry room has its own washer and dryer, making sure you won’t have to worry about running out of clean clothes while you’re enjoying your stay. The dock out back has a remote boat lift, and we also have a contact for you if you’d like to rent your own boat to take the short ride out to the Caloosahatchee River. Wi-Fi is included, so don’t worry about using up your data while you’re on vacation and stream whatever you’d like while you’re playing a few games of billiards.

Your Cape Coral Escape Is Waiting

While there’s plenty to do in town between all of the beach outings you’re sure to love, and all of the fine dining the town has to offer, you’ll enjoy your down time just as much in your new home away from home. We’re confident that the amenities in Villa Seas the Day will help you and your group create an unforgettable vacation that’ll make you want to come back and see us again. Get in touch with us now to book this lovely home.

Winter and spring are both some of the best seasons to visit the Cape Coral and Fort Myers area during. While the weather is nice year-round, there’s something to be said about being able to avoid the summer humidity and the autumn storms. Winter can get a little chilly, but for the most part, you aren’t likely to need heavy winter clothing to stay warm. Even on colder nights, it’s uncommon for the temperature to drop below 45 degrees. Spring is downright beautiful, warming up just enough for every day to be the perfect beach day without having to worry about the intense summer humidity setting in.

When you’re planning your vacation to Cape Coral in spring or winter, there are plenty of things to consider, and even more to do while you’re here. You’ll be able to experience something new every day, and some seasonal offerings you simply won’t want to miss! With that in mind, here are some recommendations for activities you might want to take part in while you’re here.

Winter Visitors

Winter tends to herald the start of tourist season again. Most people tend to avoid the hurricane season, and when the weather really cools down and there’s no threat of storms coming through, everything starts getting back into full swing. The beach is open all year, and since the weather’s just warm enough, you’ll still find people out for a swim at the beach every now and then, but plenty of people will be out there on the shore. If the weather is a bit too cold for your taste, there’s still plenty to do indoors.

Cape Coral Historical Museum

If you’re curious about the history of where you’re staying, Cape Coral has the thing for you. Though Cape Coral was turned into the metropolis it is as part of a deliberate expansion effort, plenty of things happened prior to that which led up to the creation of the city as we know it today. You’ll start by learning about the original Native American settlements that were in the area and work your way through the fishing village and Civil War eras until you reach the modern era. Additional exhibits will teach you about the growth of business in the area and then some.

Trent Art Gallery

If you’re curious what the local artists of Cape Coral have been cooking up, this is a great spot to check out. There are several in house artists that produce and hang up original works for display here, and many of these works also have prints that you can purchase for a very reasonable price if you find something you just can’t live without. Be sure to check their calendar when you’re in town to see if they’ve got any special events going on that might interest you.

Art Gallery in Cape Coral

Solve a Murder Mystery Aboard the Train

The Murder Mystery Dinner Train is a one-of-a-kind experience that anyone with a taste for the theatrical will enjoy. While you’re there watching the show, you’ll be treated to a five-course meal with delicious cuisine and a choice of multiple entrees. All of the food is prepared fresh on the train and served in style. This ride runs for roughly three and a half hours, embarking from Fort Myers, and they run different themed mysteries to keep things fresh for any repeat customers. If you happen to be in town for the holidays, you might be able to catch the special Christmas event they put on every year. They hold multiple other holiday events, too—just have a look at their calendar if you’re curious!

Spring Visitors

As things continue picking up in spring in anticipation of the hectic peak season of summer, you’ll find a lot more people participating in outdoor activities, especially on the beach. The water’s perfect when the weather warms up a bit, and with some of the dreariness of Winter gone, the town just gets livelier and livelier. This is the best time of year to experience some of the outdoor activities like nature preserves and boat tours before everyone comes into town for summer vacation. We’ve got some recommendations on things to do before all of the crowds get into town.

Go on a Nature Walk or Tour at a Preserve

Since Florida is so biologically diverse, there are plenty of different tours and walks you can go on that will provide a unique experience while you learn about the local flora and fauna in the ecosystem.

The nearby Four Mile Cove Ecological Preserve is a 365 acre preserve, making it the second largest preserved green space in Cape Coral, and is a gorgeous wetland area with several attractions in addition to the nature walk itself. They have a visitors center, veterans memorial, and seasonal kayak rentals for anyone who wants to explore the waters. Keep in mind that the kayaking is not for beginners and children under 6 cannot participate.

Just a short drive away in the Fort Myers area you’ll find the Six Mile Cypress Slough, comprising over 3,400 acres of wetland. You’ll be able to see some unique plants and animals here, some of which are endangered. It became a preserve in 1970 and has a massive boardwalk in the heart of the wetland that takes you through some incredible sights.

Spring in Fort Myers

Take the Ferry Over to Sanibel Island

A trip to Sanibel Island makes for a great way to spend your day. This is one of the best spots to go if you don’t have a particular agenda and you’re just looking to take the day one step at a time. It’s relaxing, and the beaches are incredible, especially if you enjoy searching for shells, because Sanibel Island is renowned for its shelling.

Fishing and boating are common activities while you’re on the island as well, and you won’t need to worry about packing a lunch because there are plenty of wonderful restaurants for you to sample while you’re there for the day.

Things to Do During All Seasons

Because the weather is generally so relaxed, there are very few, if any, things in this area that you won’t be able to do during your vacation. There are plenty of mainstays throughout the area that you owe it to yourself to experience regardless of when you’ve booked your vacation.

See All of the Beaches

This one may seem obvious, but it can’t go without being mentioned. You have access to those one-of-a-kind Florida beaches while you’re in town, and if you have a means of transportation while you’re in the area, you can pretty easily get to all of them without much trouble. Between Cape Coral, Fort Myers, and the aforementioned Sanibel Island, you’ve got no shortage of choices, so you may as well enjoy seeing what brings so many people out this way every year. It’s easy to spend a day at the beach, because many of them even have restaurants just up against the sand with incredible views.

Edison and Ford Winter Estates

With a mix of outdoor and indoor attractions, this is a great historical sight to visit. The works and family history of Thomas Edison and Henry Ford are on display here, and some of the exhibits give you great background information on these innovators. Some can’t miss parts of this museum are the Edison Botanical Research Lab, the only National Historic Chemical Landmark in Florida, and the towering gardens on the estate. If you’re there during the winter, you can also see the garden completely lit up for the season, and it’s quite the sight.

Wicked Dolphin Rum Distillery

Wicked Dolphin makes some of the highest quality craft rum in the state of Florida, and they also run distillery tours and have their own gift shop right in town. If you’re curious about the technical side, they’ll take you through their whole process and give you some samples along the way. If you find something you just can’t go without, their gift shop has all of their different bottled offerings for purchase, and you can even have them shipped home if it isn’t possible for you to transport them on your own.

Visit the Local Farmers Markets

Cape Coral and Fort Myers both have their own farmers markets that have been running for a few years now, and with each year they grow to include new vendors. If you’re planning on cooking your own meals every now and then while you’re in town, you can use fine local produce to make a truly unique meal. As they’ve continued to expand, you can now also find premade foods ready and waiting for your sampling. Don’t forget to pick up some of the delicious jams and preserves they have to bring home with you.

Farmers Market Florida

Places to Eat While You’re Visiting

Since there’s no shortage of delicious food in the area, especially seafood, you’ll definitely enjoy getting out there and treating yourself to a nice meal or two. Come for the fine dining and stay for the gorgeous views of the coast.

Jungle Bird Authentic Tiki Bar

Touted as Cape Coral’s first authentic tiki bar, Jungle Bird has the cocktails and food to back it up. You’ll find some of the best tiki drinks in town when you stop in, but don’t let that distract you from the food, either. With delicious offerings, many of which are heavily inspired by Polynesian cuisine you’re sure to enjoy the experience. With the sheer size of their menu, you could easily make multiple return visits and have something new every time.

Twisted Lobster

If you’re in town you’ve absolutely got to have the seafood experience, and Twisted Lobster is a good choice for both lunch and dinner. Their menu is sizable, obviously with a heavy focus on seafood, and they run lunch specials and daily dinner specials for you to enjoy at a great price.

Cork Soakers Deck and Wine Bar

With a unique menu and live music every Friday, Cork Soakers is a great spot for lunch, brunch (on Sundays), and dinner. Enjoy classic American fare with a few twists while you have a few good drinks from the bar, and don’t miss out on the Friday night shows. If you’re travelling with your dog, they do have a pet friendly seating area as well!

10 Twenty Five

Featuring two locations, one in Cape Coral and the other just a short hop away in Fort Myers, 10 Twenty Five offers gourmet meals with great ambience. You can expect to find many of your mainstays, some with tasty twists and others that stick to the classics, and their expansive beer, wine, and spirits list has something to please just about everybody. They’re open for lunch and dinner, with a limited brunch menu on Saturdays and Sundays.

Coste Island Cuisine

A gorgeous beachfront restaurant with a great view of the coast, Coste Island Cuisine offers a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere that will get you into the coastal mood. They’re located inside of the Diamondhead Beach Resort on Fort Myers Beach, and their expansive menu features all kinds of savory seafood dishes for the discerning palate. Their full dinner menu is restricted to a smaller portion of their hours, but their lounge stays open much later, and has a limited menu for you to enjoy while you have a few drinks and take in the view.

Cape Coral and Fort Myers Are Waiting

No matter what season you’re planning on having your vacation in, you’ll need a good vacation home to round out the experience. We understand that having a great spot to return to after your day full of activities is important, and we’ve put together a portfolio of rentals in all shapes and sizes to meet your needs. Whether you’re planning a small, private getaway, or you’re bringing the whole party with you, Vacanza Rentals has something for you. Get in touch with one of our agents and they’ll be sure to pair you with the vacation home of your dreams!

For anyone looking to escape the intense winter cold, or people who just want some extra time at the beach before the year is over, there’s no better destination than Cape Coral. Temperatures stay beautiful all year here, and even on most winter days you’ll be able to comfortably go for a swim in the gulf if the mood strikes you.

On top of all of that, you’ll still have an easy time getting in the holiday spirit without the snowfall, because the town loves to get in the holiday spirit. Between the different Christmas themed events, shopping, and decorations, you’ll still be able to feel like the holiday is right around the corner. While you’re visiting, there are definitely a few Cape Coral Christmas events and activities you should check out.

The Santa Sail in and Boat Parade

A week before Christmas Day, you’ll have the chance to catch a parade of boats that herald Santa’s arrival with a ton of other entertainment to accompany him. Though it starts before the sun goes down, the parade lasts through sundown into night, and you’ll get a clear view of all of the lit-up boats in their holiday best as they gather in Bimini Basin and head through the canals of South Cape Coral. You’ll hear live renditions of all of your favorite Christmas songs accompanied by a dance troupe. This is a charity event that raises money for veterans and sick children, so if you’re feeling the generosity of the holiday spirit, you’ll have the opportunity to do something good while you’re having a good time.

4th Annual Fort Myers Christmas Bar Crawl

Just a short ride away over in Fort Myers, you’ll have the chance to participate in a holiday bar crawl in scenic downtown. Plenty of the participants will be dressed up in holiday appropriate costumes, and you’re encourage to bring your own along as well to join in on the fun. Your ticket will get you access to a couple free drinks, specials that are exclusive to bar crawl participants, and no cover charge at participating venues. At the end of the event, you’ll be able to go to the after party to cap off the night. Ticket prices were reduced this year, but you’re required to bring a toy donation in exchange, which will go directly to Toys For Tots in celebration of the holiday spirit.

Christmas Light Displays at Edison and Ford Winter Estates

Take the opportunity to visit the former Winter vacation homes of two famous businessmen. While also a historic and informative museum, the gardens of Edison and Ford Winter Estates are well maintained all year, and when the Christmas season rolls around, they decorate them up with a scenic lighting display. Walking portions of the event are free, but it’s still required that you register as group sizes are limited, and confirmation is required for entry. If you want to see the museum after your tour of the Christmas lights, entry fee to the museum will be the usual price.

Don’t Forget to Visit the Beach

While you’re in the area you can’t miss out on the chance to hit the beach, especially since you’ll have more space than normal because you’re in town before peak season hits. There are quite a few beaches within a short drive of the town proper, many of which have wonderful restaurants within walking distance of the waves that you can stop at for a nice meal with the backdrop of the gulf completing the atmosphere. Get your fill of that gorgeous ocean breeze while you’re here, and you might even catch some holiday celebrations while you’re in the area.

Enjoy Christmas Dinner in Your Private Rental

Regardless of whatever your holiday plans are, one of the holiday mainstays is having a peaceful dinner with friends on family. Regardless of the rental you’re staying at, the kitchen will be equipped with all of the appliances you’ll need to put together your very own Christmas feast. Our modern appliances and spacious countertops will make preparing the Christmas turkey or ham a breeze, and you’ll have all the space you need for any side dishes you and the family plan to enjoy.

If you’re looking for a traditional meal around the dining room table, our rentals also have the space for you to gather around and make the most of the company. When you’ve finished up with your holiday dinners, use the extra space in your vacation home to gather round and trade presents.

Your Coastal Vacation Awaits

You’ll enjoy your holiday escape to Cape Coral when you book a home with Vacanza Rentals. Our portfolio of vacation rentals has homes of all shapes and sizes, so if you’re looking for a more private and remote getaway, or you’re looking to bring the whole party along with you, you’ll be in the perfect spot. Our agents have firsthand knowledge of our properties and are dedicated to matching you with the one that best meets your needs. Come stay with us and enjoy the holidays by the beach!

The holiday season is a busy time for everyone. From family parties to gift shopping, there’s a lot to be done, but before it all really gets underway, there’s that brief period of time where everyone gets to enjoy a nice Thanksgiving dinner. There’s plenty of ways to enjoy Thanksgiving, too, and sometimes taking that trip out of town is a good way to get away from it all and escape the cold weather back home.

Cape Coral and the surrounding area are all great places to visit if you’re looking to beat the winter cold. No matter the time of year, the beaches are open, and the weather is comfortable, making it an ideal vacation destination. So, whether you’re planning that Thanksgiving vacation to throw a big feast for your friends and family, or you’re looking for a peaceful beach getaway and a Thanksgiving dinner prepped for you, you’ve found the right place. Here are some ways to spend the holiday when you stay with us.

Fort Myers Turkey Trot 5K

Freshly off a new partnership with Edison and Ford Winter Estates, the Fort Myers Track Club is putting on its annual Turkey Trot. This will be its 42nd consecutive year of celebrating the event, and what better way to prepare yourself for the impending Thanksgiving dinner than by getting in some good exercise while you enjoy the cool ocean breeze?

By participating in this event, you’ll be supporting a charitable cause that directly benefits the preservation of historically significant sites. You’ll be able to register alone or as a team if you’re looking to run, and you’ll also be able to participate on the sidelines if you aren’t up for the 5K. Observers can also purchase a virtual ticket if they’d like to show their support from their home, so if this interests you, you and the family can watch it from your vacation home while you put together that perfect dinner.

Annual Fall Garden Festival

If you’re going to make it into town a few days before Thanksgiving and you’re available on November 20th or 21st, the annual Fall Garden Festival is a great, relaxing way to spend a few hours of your day. Due to its diverse ecosystem, the local area has plenty of exotic tropical plants with beautiful colors, and also unique plant life from the nearby swamps just off the coast.

The whole festival takes place outdoors, with plenty of shade provided by the trees all over the area. While you’re taking a look at all of the gorgeous plant life in one convenient place, you’ll also have plenty of opportunities to visit the food trucks that will be on site. After you’ve sample some of the local food, you can also relax and listen to the live music that will be playing during the festival, and if you find a plant that you want to bring home with you as a new decoration, there’s plenty of advice available for how to treat and transport them.

Surfside Sunshine Market

Taking place just a couple days before Thanksgiving, the Surfside Sunshine Market might just be the perfect spot for you to go and find some local seafood to make the perfect side dish for your upcoming feast. It isn’t just limited to seafood, either, as the market will be offering all kinds of fresh produce, baked goods, cheeses, jams, and quite a bit more that you can bring home with you. If you’re going to stay local, why not make your Thanksgiving meal reflect that? Find the perfect cranberry sauce or pick up a pie baked just for the occasion.

Stay in and Enjoy Thanksgiving in Peace

Of course, with all of the things to go out and see, there’s always the tried-and-true Thanksgiving tradition of staying in for a quiet meal with friends and family. Our rentals are equipped with fully equipped kitchen suites that will provide you with all the tools you need to put together a Thanksgiving feast and then some. If you choose to go out and bring something back for the meal, you’ll have everything you need to heat it up and make the meal taste nice and fresh, and if you choose to put it all together from scratch, all the utensils and tools you need are ready to go.

While you’re at it, there’s no need to hide from the cold. When you’re staying with us, the weather is always going to be nice enough to take in the fresh air. Throw open the windows while you cook if you like, and you can even dine waterside if you want to take the meal outside and lounge by the pool or the nearby river depending on which vacation home you choose!

Your Thanksgiving Vacation Is Waiting

No matter how you choose to enjoy your Thanksgiving vacation, we’re confident that you’ll find the perfect rental if you stay with Vacanza. Our comprehensive portfolio will make sure that we’re able to pair you with perfect rental property for a party of any size to dine in style. Enjoy that quiet, waterside Thanksgiving of your dreams, or head out into town and enjoy any of the amazing Thanksgiving events that are happening in town. Get in touch with us now to get started on your Cape Coral vacation.

If you’re planning a trip to southwestern Florida to enjoy the luxurious beaches and picturesque views of the Gulf, what better way to do it than by staying in your own private beach house? Located in a scenic, exclusive environment, but only a short boat ride away from Captiva Island, you’ll be able to get all of the peace and quiet you need with the added security of having the island nearby for anything you might need. This is an ideal spot for quiet, private getaways, and also makes for a great spot to bring your friends and family to celebrate in peace.

Only accessible by boat, this splendid North Captiva home rental comes with dock access and use of a 20-foot boat, perfect for getting in some fishing in one of the most popular fishing spots in the world, the Boca Grande Pass. After you get your fill of fishing, or just enjoying the waters, the other side of the island has its own beach that’s ready for your use. There’s no better way to beat the crowds of the more well-trafficked beaches than this.

Dine in a Full-Size Kitchen

Villa Island Getaway comes with a fully furnished kitchen, complete with any appliance you could need during your stay. Though Captiva Island does have some of the most famous restaurants available in Florida out there waiting for you, there’s also plenty of opportunity for you to enjoy the solitude of your private beach house while cooking up whatever suits your fancy.

Make use of the oven, stove, microwave, or toaster oven to prep your snacks and meals in whatever way you like. If cooking indoors isn’t your thing and you want to really soak up the breeze coming in off the Gulf, there’s also a combination gas/electric BBQ grill outside ready for you. There’s no limit to the amount of cooking options available to you. If you’ve brought plenty of goods in need of cold storage, the refrigerator is also full size, meaning you won’t lack for any room to keep your private getaway stocked for as long as you need.

Other amenities included in the kitchen are a coffee pot, Keurig, dishwasher, and ice maker, perfectly rounding out the available uses for your dining needs. All of this is set in a wonderfully constructed kitchen, with fine marble countertops, wooden cabinetry, and a window to let in some of that Gulf sunshine.

Plenty of Lounging Space

When you’ve finished prepping your meals, there’s no shortage of space to enjoy them in. If your preference is for everyone to sit down together and have their meal together, there’s a table right next to the kitchen with seating available for eight, and you can dine by candlelight with the provided candles.

The nearby living room is spacious, and with open air between it and the kitchen, larger groups will be able to communicate with each other without worry of having to move between rooms. The adjoining counter between the living room and kitchen has a few stools for dining, and just behind them is the comfy, l-shaped sofa for great, comfortable seating. If even more seating is needed, or you just want to spread out, there are a few other chairs scattered around the room as well.

Your private lounging space also comes along with a wall mounted TV for streaming all of your favorite shows, and a fireplace for use on those rare cold nights, or even if you just want a change of atmosphere for a cozy fireside experience.

Of course, the best view of all will be the Gulf itself. Villa Island Getaway is right on the beach, with amazing views of the water—you may even spot dolphins, manatee, and more! Begin your day with a walk on the beach or relax after a day of activities while listening to the sounds of the shore.

Five Bedrooms to Fit Everyone

Two stories of space leaves plenty of room for bedrooms, meaning larger groups have an abundance of space to sleep. Split up and use the three king two and queen mattresses however suits you, all of which come with classic decorative styles that are you to help set that comfy atmosphere and ensure you get a good night’s sleep. All of the bedrooms have their own windows or doors to the outside. You can close the blinds and sleep all day if you like, or you can let the sunrise give you a gentle wakeup call in the morning and start your beach day early.

There are also three bathrooms available for guests to use. The master bathroom has both a walk-in shower and full-size bathtub with jets. All of this is brought together by fine marble decor and tile flooring. Both of the other bathrooms both come with walk-in showers, making for easy and safe use.

Your Getaway Awaits

Your private beach home will make for an unforgettable getaway for groups of all sizes. Whether your plan is to head over to the island every day and enjoy fine dining, or you’d prefer quiet nights with home cooked meals, you’ve got everything you need here. Enjoy this one-of-a-kind locale in style.

Please note that, while the villa has a starter kit available with paper towels and some soaps, it is overall a self-catering property. Be sure to stock up on toilet paper, toiletries, and all of the foods you need to stock up the refrigerator with. Check-in is also only available during daylight, and if weather prohibits check-in, guests are responsible for finding their own accommodations.

If you’re planning on heading down to Cape Coral this autumn, there’s a wide variety of things to do for the season. With its temperate, hospitable environment, especially with the summer heat and humidity calming down, it’s an ideal temperature to catch some of that ocean air and see the sights. Between nature walks, shopping on the beach boardwalks, and sitting oceanside, there’s no shortage of opportunities to make the most of the weather. Plenty of Halloween-themed events also happen in the area around this time of year, and here are a few suggestions on must-see attractions during your vacation.

Haunted Nature Walk at the Calusa Nature Center

Running for over 35 consecutive years, the Haunted Nature Walk is a volunteer run experience that happens during the last two weekends of October. Nature walks in this part of the state are stunning, with a wide variety of plant and animal life, especially birds, to see up close. Depending on the area, you might get to walk down a wooden walkway built directly into or over the greenery, giving a unique way of seeing the densely packed wildlife from the inside.

Maskless costumes are welcome on the Haunted Nature Walk, and since the event takes place at night, the trail will be ominously lit to really bring the experience to life. It’s recommended to pre-purchase your tickets ahead of time, as availability is limited, and there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to get a more expensive ticket at the door.

Lakes Park Fall Festival and Pumpkin Patch

Bring the whole family out to the Lakes Park Fall Festival, an event that runs for the second half of October and see all of the great attractions they’re putting on. Entry to the event is free, and many of the additional attractions are only a small fee to participate in. A mainstay of the festival is the Halloween Express Train ride, where riders get to see gourd patches, mini villages, and a waterfall. There will be hayrides, inflatables, and plenty of concessions for festivalgoers to enjoy, and a literature themed scarecrow competition will be happening, where competitors dress a scarecrow up as their favorite book character for judging.

Gator Mike’s Frightmare On 78

A great place to visit during any time of the year, Gator Mike’s Family Fun Park has a wide variety of attractions in an environment that’s friendly for all ages. Even if you don’t plan on attending the Halloween event, you should stop by and check out the host of activities. There’s mini golf, go-karts, axe throwing, batting cages, ziplines, an arcade, and more.

Frightmare On 78, however, is not marketed toward children, and is a must-see experience for anyone looking to experience the horror of the Halloween season. Strobe lights, fog, realistic props, cinematic gore, tight spaces, and darkness are all things you should expect to interact with here, and the performers are trained to get a scare out of you. It goes without saying that if you’re not looking to get spooked into jumping a few times, this isn’t the event for you. This event runs every Friday and Saturday through Halloween night, so don’t miss out on your chance.

Ft Myers Halloween Bar Crawl

A great way to experience some of the best bars and night life in the area, the Ft. Myers Halloween Bar Crawl is a large, one night event that draws in hundreds of participants. This event has a very free form structure, where you’re given a list of participating bars to go visit in any order you like after you check in. Participating locations will be offering custom food and drink specials, and the badge you’re given will have your cover waved at all venues. Costumes are encouraged, and there will be a costume contest that you can participate in for the chance to win $1,000. Cap off your night with a massive after party that runs from 10pm to midnight, complete with a great martini bar and live DJ set. Tickets are available for pre-purchase online, and the bar crawl happens on October 30th.

South Cape Spooktacular Trolley Event

Running for its 8th consecutive year, the Spooktacular Trolley Event is a 21+ experience that takes participants to various hotspot around South Cape, where drinks and candy will be available for everyone to enjoy. There are plenty of prizes to win as well, with a costume contest, trivia, and “passport” you can get stamped at as many participating locations as possible for a chance to win the grand prize. In addition to all of this, expect a lot of live entertainment, with live music, dancing, and singing all night. Dress for the occasion and hop aboard the trolley to get a unique taste of the lively night life.

Get All the Best of the Season

Cape Coral Rentals offers a wide variety of rentals to complete your perfect stay. Book one of our condos, vacation homes, or luxury rentals as the perfect spot to stay while you experience all of the great Halloween events happening in town!

Located directly on a locally traveled canal with a spectacular view of the luxurious neighborhood, Villa Macallan is a perfect travel destination. If you’re looking to travel around the local area, the Cape Coral vacation rental is conveniently placed in the heart of Cape Coral, which gives easy access to all kinds of shopping, dining, and beaches. If staying in to relax is more your pace, it also comes fully equipped with all of the amenities you’ll need to unwind in luxury.

Located in a Lush, Picturesque Neighborhood

With an eye catching, beautifully kept front yard, Villa Macallan is snugly located in a neighborhood with clean, fresh cut lawns. In particular, you’ll certainly notice the neatly trimmed bushes on both sides of the driveway and around the border of the lawn.

Protect your car from the elements in the two-car garage, or if your party has more than two cars, there’s plenty of available space on the driveway itself, which is beautifully set with a red brick pattern. There is a fenced-in seating area available just outside the front door, allowing you to relax out front and watch the world go by to your heart’s content.

Step Inside and Take in the View

The entryway to the Villa features modern decorations with clean white walls, glass furniture, and stunningly clean tile to tie the room together. It’s a wide-open room that has easy access to the kitchen, living room, and indoor dining area.

The living room has plenty of seating and comes with a 65″ TV for your viewing pleasure. It has a central glass table and luxurious white seating, and the rug and paintings hung up on the wall add a splash of color to round out the sleek, white interior.

With a fully equipped suite of appliances, the kitchen is sure to serve all of your needs, whether you’re just looking for a space to store your snacks or prepare a full meal yourself. Make use of the microwave, toaster oven, or flat top cooking surface built right into the sleek, marble countertops to suit all of your cooking needs. It also comes supplied with a coffee pot and tea pot to start your mornings off right or make that perfect after dinner drink to unwind with.

Though the kitchen is spacious, with plenty of room to stand and chat, the dining room can comfortably seat four and is in direct view of the kitchen to keep the conversation going whether you’re sitting or standing.

Relax by the Pool

Step outside and soak up the sun without the worry of bugs bothering you. The pool area is protected by a screened canopy that lets the sun in and keeps the bugs out, making it the ideal spot for lounging or swimming. There’s plenty of seating both under the patio awning and under the sun, so it’s the perfect environment for the whole party to relax outside at their own pace.

The pool itself has room for everybody, running the length of the fenced-in area with some seating available at the water’s edge, and comes complete with a jacuzzi that shares an edge with the pool. Move between the two however you like!

Since the backyard faces out towards an intersecting canal, you’ve also got the perfect view while you are poolside. Greenery sits on both sides of the canal, and the palm trees that run the length of it are a relaxing sight blowing in the gentle breeze. You might even see boats passing through, as many of the homes also have dock access out back.

You can also feed the party out back with its full grilling setup and outdoor sink, completing the poolside experience with some freshly grilled food to eat while you catch some sun.

Comfortably Sleeps Six Guests

Two of the bedrooms, one of which is the master, come with king size mattresses and 50″ TVs, and the third bedroom has a queen size mattress and 40″ TV. The master bedroom has windows on both sides of the bed, along with two bedside tables, each with their own lamps for bedside lighting. There’s also a sliding door that allows easy movement between the outdoor patio and bedroom.

Sporting a huge, walk-in shower and spacious bathtub, the master bathroom is both modern and safe. The marble countertops and tiling on the walk-in shower bring the room together with a touch of color. Similarly, the second bathroom also has a spacious walk-in shower and sleek, modern decoration.

Villa Macallan also has a washer and dryer available for your use at your convenience should you need it.

Book Your Stay Now

Come stay with us and you won’t be disappointed! See what Cape Coral has to offer, and at Villa Macallan, you’ll always have the perfect home base waiting for you to round out your day and make your trip the best it can be.

With the summer heat leaving the air, fall is a pleasant time to visit Cape Coral. Evenings dip to a comfortable chill and with the summer crowds gone, visitors can enjoy more of the coast to themselves. In this southwestern Florida town known for its scenic waterways and canals, wildlife watching, and nearby white sand beaches, among other attractions, additional fall activities add even more excitement to your coastal vacation. If you plan to head to southwestern Florida this autumn, be sure to add some of our favorite fall activities in Cape Coral to your itinerary!

Explore the Nature Trails

Fall is a great time to explore the nature trails that weave their way through Cape Coral. With many of the trails in unshaded areas, fall temperatures provide a welcome respite. Four Mile Cove Ecological Preserve offers a nature trail that weaves its way through natural wetlands and features a scenic boardwalk and observation piers. As you walk, keep an eye out for eagles, ibis, herons, other wading & migratory birds, raccoons, and snakes. Another place to enjoy nature during fall in Cape Coral is Rotary Park. Part of the Great Florida Birding Trail, you’ll want to keep an eye out for wildlife whether you’re an avid birder or simply a lover of nature. This rugged trail weaves its way through salt marshes, uplands, and mangrove wetlands. During low tide, wading birds can often be spotted in the oyster bars and shallow flats.

Plan a Fishing Expedition

The fall season is excellent for catching fish in the waters throughout Cape Coral. And with over 400 miles of navigable waters, fishing in Cape Coral is an avid angler’s dream. In early fall, it’s still possible to catch tarpon before they leave for the season. You’re also likely to find bonito, snook, mackerel, grouper, and snapper at the end of your line. September through November are also prime months for catching redfish in Cape Coral’s flats and passes. Some of the top fishing spots in Cape Coral include the Rosen Park Boat Ramp, Sirenia Vista Park, Lake Kennedy Park, Four Freedoms Park, Four Mile Cove Preserve, and Rotary Park. Of course, if you’d rather have a more tailored experience, you can also consider booking a fall fishing trip in Cape Coral in which case your permit and gear would all be taken care of. Fish Getter Charters and Inshore Excursions LLC are just a couple of the renowned fishing charters in Cape Coral that will show you a memorable day on the water whether you’re an experienced angler or just beginning your fishing journey.

Attend a Fall Event

With additional events on the calendar in Cape Coral during fall months, an already great vacation can become even more memorable. Consider attending some of these favorite fall events to add some variety into your stay!

Celebrate Oktoberfest in Cape Coral with the German American Social Club. Enjoy live authentic German music from US-based German bands, as well as other live music events. With three stages and two dance floors, there is nonstop entertainment. A sit-down dinner includes menu items featuring German specialties such as schnitzel, German potato salad, sauerkraut, bratwurst, and potato pancakes, among others. And of course, it wouldn’t be Oktoberfest without an abundance of imported German beer, wine, and spirits, as well as domestic beer. Bring the whole family and the kids will enjoy the carnival area that features games and rides. The festival is held during the last two weekends of October.

Throughout the month of October, head to Gator Mike’s Family Fun Park for their seasonal Frightmare on 78. This spooky attraction offers a haunted house experience complete with strobe lights, noises, fog effects, realistic props, cinematic gore, power tools, uneven flooring, tight spaces, and in some cases, complete darkness. Taking the typical haunted house experience to the next level, Frightmare on 78 is great for those who love to get into the Halloween spirit and experience an unforgettable thrill. Enter if you dare!

If you’re in Cape Coral around Veteran’s Day, be sure to stop by Veteran’s Memorial Park. The park features a striking Iwo Jima Monument, as well as an Iraqi War Statue, Korean War Monument, Merchant Marine Monument, and Vietnam Memorial. A boardwalk also weaves its way through the trees and is a pleasant location for a serene nature walk. A Veteran’s Day Parade is often put on in Cape Coral, complete with marching veterans and other civic groups.

Plan Your Cape Coral Stay

Whether you plan to spend your fall days enjoying the great outdoor adventures located in Cape Coral or getting into the autumn spirit with fall festivities, you’re sure to find plenty of fun things to do in Cape Coral this fall!

Still in search of Cape Coral accommodations for your fall getaway? Contact us at Vacanza Rentals for your Cape Coral vacation rental!

With its oceanfront location, it is probably no surprise that fresh seafood falls near the top of Cape Coral’s dining scene. But Cape Coral has much more to offer on the culinary front, with a variety of restaurants offering everything from southern favorites to worldwide cuisine. And thanks to the casual coastal vibe that is inherent in Cape Coral, there’s no need to pack anything but casual wear for your meal out. Whether you’re fueling up before heading out for a day on the water or just wrapping up a day enjoying the top Cape Coral attractions, be sure to set aside some time to try these top casual restaurants in Cape Coral!

Twisted Lobster

Enjoy some of Cape Coral’s best seafood at the Twisted Lobster. This unpretentious eatery is reminiscent of a boathouse, with a large canoe that hangs from the ceiling and cozy booths tucked along the windows. With rotating daily deals, there are always budget-friendly options for the top seafood dishes at Twisted Lobster. For lunch they offer an abbreviated menu with eight options, each for $8.99. There’s a good mix here even for those who aren’t seafood lovers, including a burger, chicken basket, and Caesar salad. Start your dinner out with a bowl of creamy clam chowder before selecting among mains such as tacos, sandwiches, and seafood plates. The butter-baked haddock is a favorite, crusted with panko and parmesan and baked with squeezed lemon. Wash it all down with a cold brew or your choice of wine by the glass or bottle.

Dek Bar

The Dek Bar is the place to dine when you’re craving that quintessential bar food in a laid-back, friendly environment. A true local hangout, the Dek Bar is as casual as it gets. Their wings are finger-licking good and come in orders of 10 or 20 with hot, mild, medium, garlic, parmesan, BBQ, teriyaki, honey mustard, or atomic sauce.  Dek Bar is the epitome of budget-friendly, with 50 cent wings on Wednesdays and 50 cent hot dogs on Thursdays. But inexpensive eats can still go hand-in-hand with good quality, and this is the case at Dek Bar. Their 10- and 16-inch pizzas and large baskets of hand-cut fries with toppings of your choice are great for sharing. Wash it all down with a cold beer as you chat with old friends or make new ones at the Dek Bar!

New England Moorings

Snag a table indoors or on the open-air patio for your meal at Moorings. Play a game of cornhole as you wait for your meal to arrive at this eatery, which is known for their grilled seafood dishes. Start your meal off with their Key West or Rhode Island seafood chowdah before diving into your main entrée. For mains, you’ll find a variety of grilled and fried seafood dishes, pork medallions, steak, grilled chicken, and a handful of vegetarian options. Their shrimp scampi is a favorite, with the option of steamed or grilled shrimp. The menu at Moorings is flexible, with the option of making up your own seafood platter as you go. Be sure to save room for an order of the Irish cannoli, which comes free with any appetizer order.

House of Omelets Restaurant

Before heading out for a day on the water, make time for the most important meal of the day at House of Omelets Restaurant. With a daily opening hour of 7 am, you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy a leisurely breakfast here before the day’s activities begin. Or if you’re a late riser, enjoy breakfast or lunch until 3 pm daily. As the name suggests, House of Omelets Restaurant is known for its hearty omelets, although the variety offered on the menu means you don’t have to be an egg lover to appreciate a good meal here. House of Omelets prides itself on using fresh organic ingredients from hormone-free meat to organic vegetables. With over two dozen omelets plus the option of adding additional cheese, meats, and veggies of your choice, there truly is an omelet for every taste at the House of Omelets Restaurant. The lobster omelet, corned beef hash omelet, and Polish wonder are just a few of the unique combinations found here. Skillets, sandwiches, burritos, benedicts, and items from the griddle are also available for breakfast. The lunch menu is equally as extensive, filled with salads, wraps, and burger options. Order a pitcher of mimosas to share or a bottomless mimosa to accompany your brunch in Cape Coral.

Still in search of a Cape Coral vacation rental? At Vacanza Rentals, we offer a wide selection of upscale private homes and condos for your getaway to Cape Coral, FL. These luxurious accommodations are located with easy access to Cape Coral’s best restaurants and attractions. Contact us today to learn more!